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Marriage renewal ceremonies

This ceremony is for any married couple wishing to celebrate or renew their marriage vows.

Where can the ceremony be held?

It is an ideal way to celebrate a special wedding anniversary and an opportunity for couples who have been married abroad to share their celebration with family and friends in the UK.
The venue may be held at Newham Register Office or one of Newham’s approved venues.
Couples who wish to have a religious ceremony should contact their local church or religious community.
You do not need to live in the area where you would like to hold the ceremony. 

Who can arrange a ceremony?

Any married couple can arrange a renewal of marriage vows ceremony. 

What happens at the ceremony?

You can create your own personal ceremony made up of choices from the following sections:
  • an introduction and welcome
  • acknowledgement of any children of the marriage
  • readings
  • renewal of vows
  • re-dedication of ring(s)
  • giving and receiving of new rings or gifts
  • words from a previous wedding guest
  • further reading(s)
  • signing of a certificate
  • witnesses and closing words.
A 'celebrant' conducts your ceremony but will not be acting in any official capacity, even if the celebrant also works as a registrar.

A renewal of marriage vows ceremony is normally between 15 and 30 minutes. A souvenir certificate is signed during the ceremony by the couple and two witnesses.

Important information

  1. The renewal of marriage vows ceremony has no legal effect and is not legally binding on those who take part.
  2. If the ceremony is held in the register office itself, the Register Office is classified as a 'private venue' during the ceremony.
  3. Your marriage certificate must be shown before a renewal of marriage vows ceremony can be booked.
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