Newham 4 Community

We are working to help community, voluntary and resident groups in Newham to get the latest information on the funding and grants that are available to you.

​What is Newham 4 Community and who can use it?

There are more than 2500 funding schemes that your community or voluntary group may be eligible for.
The money comes from national, regional and local sources as well as the European Union (EU).
To help you find the funding that best suits your activities and which you qualify for, we have set up ‘Newham 4 ​Community​’ – an internet portal where you can find funding.
Newham 4 Community is free to use and gives you:
  • a 60-second search for funding with an easy-to-use drop down menu
  • categories to browse so that you can see what funding is out there
  • information updated every 24 hours, so you can be sure it is the latest information available
  • details of all the grant schemes and contact details for the providers so that you can apply directly
  • local information and support to help your group meet its potential
  • local news bulletins on community issues in your area.

How do I use Newham 4 Community?

If you are a new user you will need to register. Once you are registered you can login to search for grants.
To search for a grant, choose from the drop down menus to answer the questions about your group and the project you want to do.
You will get a quick overview of the funding schemes that could apply to your project. You can find more details and contact information by clicking on each link. 
Newham 4 Community lists details of a vast number of schemes, many of which change each month and new schemes are constantly being introduced. Information on small funding streams, from which the funds quickly become exhausted, is not usually included on Newham 4 Community.

Further information and questions

If you have any comments or queries about Newham 4 Community or any of our grants programmes, please email us.
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