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Planning applications

You need planning permission for a range of building work, including quite small changes which may affect the look or use of buildings.
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Do I need planning permission?

For information about whether you need planning permission go to our Planning advice and guidance page.

How do I make a planning application?

If you need planning permission, you may wish to use our pre-application service

Applying online

The Planning Portal can be used to make a planning application to us, where you can choose to fill in the application forms with the certificates and drawing you need to attach and pay the application fee to the council. 

The Planning Portal charge a £20.83 (plus VAT) handling fee in addition to the planning application fee to the council where the application fee is £60 or more.

Applying by post or email

Download the application form you need and post it to us with the rest of your documents and plans. We also ask you to send us an electronic copy of your submission as well. You can send it to us on a CD or email it to us at development.control@ne​​. Make sure the files are in PDF format (with the measuring tool switched on) and each file is no bigger than 10MB. Break up large documents into separate files.

What do I need to include with my planning application?

You may need to send us a range of plans and documents with your application. Our planning application requirements (PAR) explain what you will need to send us. There are national and local requirements which you need to meet. There are also useful notes for applicants and agents. You will find these requirements with each application on our Planning application forms page.
All planning applications need a site location plan and a block plan, showing the where the site is and the boundaries of the site. You can buy a location plan and a block plan from Planning Portal’s Buy-a-Plan service.

How much does a planning application cost?

There is a fee for most applications, but the cost will depend on your proposal. Use the Planning Portal fee calculatorto work out the correct fee. 
You can pay the fee:
  • by phone – contact the planning technical support team on 020 3373 0620; we accept debit and credit card payments
  • by post – make sure you write the site address and reference number on the back of the cheque and send it to:
    • Planning Portal Payments
      Development Control
      First Floor, West Wing
      Newham Dockside
      1000 Dockside Road
      E16 2QU

    What happens after I make my planning application?

    We will check your application to make sure that it includes all the information we need and the correct application fee. We will write to you or your agent to tell you if your application is valid or not, that is to say whether we need more information or not.
    When we have a valid application, the public has a chance to comment on it. We publish all planning applications on our View and comment on planning applications page. We follow a code of practice for consulting the public on applications.

Can I change my planning application after I send it?

Once we validate your application it may not be possible for you to change it. If you want to make a change to your application, contact the planning case officer.

How do we decide planning applications?

We decide planning applications, referring to:
The Development Plan for Newham is made up of the London Plan and the Local Plan.
All consultation responses and comments from members of the public are taken into account when we decide a planning application.

How long before I get a decision?

We aim to make a decision within eight weeks (13 weeks for major applications).
Our scheme of delegation sets out which planning applications our senior planning officer decides and which our Local Development Committee or Strategic Development Committee decides. If an application goes to committee, a planning officer makes a recommendation and the committee, which is made up of elected councillors, makes the final decision.
If we grant planning permission or refuse it we will set out the reasons for our decision. Where we grant permission it may be subject to planning conditions or a Section 106 agreement. You may also have to pay the Community Infrastructure Levy.

What if I am unhappy with the council’s planning decision?

If we refuse the application, or approve it with conditions that you, as an applicant, do not agree with, you can appeal against our decision. You can also appeal if we do not make a decision within the time allowed (8 weeks or 13 weeks for major applications).
Note that if you are a third party (for example if you objected to an application which we approved), you cannot appeal our decision. However, the council's decision can be challenged in the High Court by judicial review. The High Court will only look at the council's decision-making process, not whether the council made the correct planning decision.
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