Conservation areas and listed buildings in Newham

Conservation areas in Newham

A conservation area is a place, including buildings, streets and spaces, with special architectural and historic interest, which the council protects (or designates).

There are nine conservation areas in Newham:

  • Durham Road conservation area, Manor Park, E12 
  • East Ham conservation area, E6 
  • Forest Gate Town Centre conservation area, E7 
  • Romford Road conservation area, Forest Gate, E7 
  • Stratford St John's conservation area, E15 
  • Sugar House Lane conservation area, Stratford, E15 
  • Three Mills conservation area, E3 
  • University conservation area, Stratford, E15 
  • Woodgrange Estate conservation area, Forest Gate, E7 

It is important that we keep the character and look of these areas.

For more information about the areas covered, please see the Conservation areas in Newham: Documents page.

The Three Mills and Sugar House Lane Conservation Areas are located in the London Legacy Development Corporation (LLDC) area. Any queries regarding these Conservation Areas should be directed towards the LLDC.

Making changes in conservation areas

There are extra rules about building and changes to buildings in conservation areas and if you wish to carry out building work, you will need to request permission:

  • If you want to demolish a building in a conservation area, you need planning permission
  • If you want to cut down, or work on a tree in a conservation area, you will need to send us an application at least six weeks before you want to start the work, so that we have the chance to make a tree preservation order if necessary.
  • You will need to show that the work will protect or improve the look and character of the conservation area.
  • You may need to apply for planning permission for work that would not normally need it, such as for dormer windows, changing windows or doors, or putting up satellite dishes.

There is stricter control over advertising and signage. If you're not sure whether you need permission, there is a guide on the Planning Portal.