Conservation areas and listed buildings in Newham

Listed and locally listed buildings

Newham is proud of its heritage – we therefore protect and preserve many historic buildings, objects and structures across the borough.

Listed Buildings

A listed building is a building, object or structure that is considered of national historical or architectural interest. Every part of a listed building is protected, including the interior and any later alterations or additions.

Newham has over 100 listed buildings, ranging from the 15th century Spotted Dog pub to the 19th century Abbey Mills Pumping Station.

Find out more about listing and listed buildings on the Historic England website.

Newham’s list of listed buildings (Excel)

Locally Listed Buildings

Newham’s local list identifies historic buildings, spaces and features that are valued by the local community and that help give Newham its distinctive identity. 

The list identifies parts of the historic environment that are not already designated in another way (such as a listed building), but which nonetheless contribute to a sense of place, local distinctiveness and civic pride.

What does it mean to be on the local list?

  • Items on the local list are identified as non-designated heritage assets.  As such, their significance will be taken into account in planning decisions.  
  • It is important to preserve their significance, and this will be balanced against other material considerations when assessing a planning application 
  • Being on the local list is not the same as being a listed building so listed building consent application will not be required. 
  • Inclusion on the local list does not affect permitted development rights, unless the site is affected by an Article 4 direction.
  • Applications for planning permission for works affecting an item on the local list will need to show how the significance of the asset has been taken into consideration in the design of the proposed works.

Guidance on Local Lists, and the criteria for inclusion can be found on the Historic England website.

Working on a listed building

If you want to work on a listed building or change it in any way which affects its character, we need to agree to the work. This is called listed building consent. For more information, please visit our listed building consent page.