Conservation areas and listed buildings in Newham

Listed building consent

We will not allow you to demolish a listed building, or allow changes which:

  • Harm or change the special character of the building

  • Affect the strength and stability of the building.

When a building is listed the whole of it is protected, inside and out. Outbuildings and boundary walls are normally also protected by the listing. 

Listed building consent is different from planning permission, but the application process is much the same. You may also need planning permission to carry out works.

If you want to work on a listed building you must ask a qualified professional with experience of dealing with historic buildings to prepare your plans. If you get consent, you should also use an experienced builder with a good reputation to do the work.

Work that we will need to agree includes:

  • Changing windows and doors
  • Painting over brickwork or removing surfaces outside
  • Putting in dormer windows or rooflights
  • Putting up aerials, satellite dishes or burglar alarms
  • Changing roofing materials
  • Moving or removing walls inside the building
  • Making new doorways
  • Removing or changing fireplaces, panelling or staircases.

Note that work not included in this list may also need consent. If you're not sure whether your work needs consent, please talk to us before you start.

Repairs which match exactly may not need consent, but ask us for advice before you do the work. If you do repairs badly they can be harmful to a building. It is a crime to work on a listed building without consent. You could be fined or sent to prison. We can also order you to put the building back as it was before the work. 

Most work to listed buildings needs consent. If you are not sure, contact the duty planning officer before you start any work.

For more information, please visit our listed and locally listed buildings page.