Street trading licence

If you wish to trade on the street you need a licence. We are the licensing authority.
If you want to find out about trading in a market, go to our Street market trading licences page.

What is street trading?

You are street trading if you show, offer, sell or provide goods on public highways such as roads, pavements, footpaths and certain other areas such as private forecourts (areas in front of shops). So, for example, if you trade on a private forecourt in front of a shop and your trade is not the trade of the shop owner or does not form part of the business of the shop owner, you will need a licence.
There are other activities which count as street trading, such as:
  • handing out of leaflets and flyers, advertising goods for sale
    providing services
  • human advertising (such as persons wearing billboards, holding placards and so on).
If you want to trade on the street in Newham, you must have a licence. If you trade without a licence we can take action against you or your business.
You do not need a licence for leafleting or human advertising if you are a charity, or political or religious group and the advertising is not for profit or business purposes.

Apply for a street trading licence

There are two types of licence:
  • one for trading using stalls, tables, units, vans and so on
  • one for leafleting and human advertising (people wearing billboards).
If you wish to trade at one of Newham's street markets you will need to apply for a Newham Street market trading licence instead.
If you want to trade for up to six months you can apply for temporary licence. If you get a licence for six months, and you want to trade past that period, you will have to apply for another temporary licence before the original licence runs out.
Before you download the application form, read the following documents.

Stalls and similar trading:

Leafleting and human advertising:

Application forms:

Fill in the application form and send it to us with the application fee (£75) and any other documents to us at:
The Licensing Team
First Floor, Town Hall Annexe
330–354 Barking Road
East Ham
E6 2RT
When we receive your application, we may contact you for more information. 

Fees for a street trading licence

The charge for an application is £75.
If you get a licence, there is also a fee for every week that the licence runs:
  • Local traders (small traders based in Newham) - £25 per week
  • National traders - £36 per week
So, if you are a local trader and want to set up a stall, for example, the total cost of a licence for four weeks would be £75 + (£25 x 4) = £175. And the cost of a licence for six months (26 weeks) would be £75 + (£25 x 26) = £725.

If you are a national trader, a four week licence would be £75 + (£36 x 4) = £219 and a six month licence (26 weeks) would be £75 + (£36 x 26) = £1,011.
Alternatively, if you want to give out advertising, there is a charge for every two distributors in the same street. So if you have three or four distributors in the same street the charge will be will be:
  • £25 x 2 = £50 for local traders
  • £36 x 2 = £72 for national traders
When you apply, you only need to pay the £75 application fee. If we decide to grant you a licence, we will ask you to pay the full balance before we give it to you.

Temporary licences cannot be issued for a duration of more than 6 months.
Once an application has been submitted to Newham Council, no refunds will be available.

Ban on street trading around the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park

There is a temporary ban on all street trading on the following public highways and public footpaths/pavements in the vicinity of the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park:

  • Westfield Avenue E20
  • Montfichet Road E20
  • Olympic Park Avenue E20
  • International Way E20
  • Roundhouse Lane E20
  • Hitchcock Road E20
  • Meridian Square E15
  • Station Street E15
  • Carpenters Road E15
  • Warton Road E15
  • Pudding Mill Lane E15

The situation will be reviewed by the Council in August 2018.


Consultations on applications for street trading licences

We may ask for the public's views on your application. This consultation may include publishing your application and giving the public 21 days to make representations (raise questions or objections).
As some areas of Newham have problems with disorder and public nuisance, we created cumulative impact zones. If you apply to trade in one of these zones, our Licensing Committee will decide your application. When it does, it will take into account these problems and any effect your future trading might have on them. If you wish to check whether an area is in a zone, contact us by phone on 020 3373 1925 or by email:
To read the law on street trading, go to the Government's Legislation website
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