Your bins

If your home is at street level and you have a front garden, you should have two bins - one for your rubbish and one for your recycling.
Due to operational issues, there is currently a backlog of bin deliveries for domestic and recycle bins. We are working to clear the backlog. Sorry for the inconvenience this may have caused you.​

Request a replacement bin

  • your bin has been vandalised or burnt
  • your bin was not returned after it was emptied
  • your bin was stolen.
Normally, we will replace wheelie bins for street level properties at least once free of charge, if they are stolen or vandalised.

What happens next

We will deliver your bin within five working days.


Request a new bin

You can:
if you have never had one.

Your household should only have one rubbish bin. If you already have a wheelie bin, we will not give you a second one. For more information, see the One rubbish bin section.

If you are a managing agent of a block of flats, you will need to buy any new or replacement bins. To order a new bin call us on 020 8430 2000.

What happens next

We will deliver your bin within five working days.

Request a larger bin

The standard size of a wheelie bin is 240 litres, which should give you more than enough space for your rubbish and recycling.

If you live in a household with six or more people, and you think your rubbish or recycling bin is too small, you can apply for a larger rubbish or recycling bin.

You will need to tell us the name and date of birth of every person living in the property.

What happens next

We aim to deliver your bin within five working days.

Report a missed bin collection

If you put your rubbish and recycling out on time but we do not collect it, report it to us.
Note that our collection teams work as late as 10pm, so please do not report a missed collection until after this time, even if we normally collect your rubbish or recycling earlier in the day.

If there is no place to put a bin

If you don't have enough room to keep a wheelie bin outside your home, or you live in a flat, we may ask you to use bags or shared bins for your rubbish and recycling.

Go to our rubbish collection and recycling collection pages to find out more.

What to put in your bins

Use your bins for everyday household waste.

Please do not use your bins for: 
For information about how we collect your bins go to the rubbish collections page.

For information on recycling collections, go to the recycling page.


One rubbish bin and no extra waste

We want you to recycle as much as possible, so we will only allow one wheelie bin per household for rubbish. We will not collect any extra bags of rubbish left beside bins.

Use these simple tips to make sure your rubbish fits into your wheelie bin:
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