Back to school


Please note: Every individual school will have new COVID-19 rules and procedures specific to them. Please get in touch with your school and follow their guidelines.

All schools and colleges in Newham are looking forward to welcoming all their pupils back in September. Schools will be providing information about what to expect when returning to school, but we know you may still have questions about how schools have been preparing for this return. We hope that the following will help to reassure you that schools and colleges are doing all that is possible to make the return as safe as possible for staff and pupils.

We all look forward to seeing our children and young people back in school/college in September so that they can be supported to flourish and thrive in their educational, social and emotional development.

These pages will be updated if there is additional information or guidance changes.

For information about COVID-19 in general please visit

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact your child’s school or college to talk them through. You will also receive further public health guidance in a booklet that brings it all together for you.

You can read the Newham guide for families (PDF) which discusses what we can all do to keep our schools, our families and ourselves safe during COVID-19.