Buying a grave

If you wish to be buried, or you are planning a funeral for someone else who wishes to be buried, you will need to reserve a plot in a graveyard.  

A grave is normally bought for a set period of time at West Ham Cemetery. This is known as grave reservation.  

Reservations granted before 1947 

After 75 years we may serve a notice on a grave if: 

  • The rights over the grave have not been used 
  • The grave does not appear to be looked after. 

Unless the reservee (grave owner) tells the cemetery officer that they wish to keep the grave for a period of time and pays a fee, the rights to the grave will then end. For more information, please visit our burials and fees page.

Reservations for 25 and 50 years 

When a reservation is arranged for a set period of time - 25 years from 1947 until 1976, then 50 years thereafter - the grave owner's rights end when the period of time ends. 

You can make a request to extend the grave reservation for a further period of time by contacting the cemetery officer at West Ham Cemetery in writing at the address above. 

You will also need to pay a fee, which is calculated based upon the number of years you need. For more information, please visit our burials and fees page.

Please note that you will be charged from the date that the original reservation ended. 

Transfer of reservation rights to another person 

If you are a reservee you may transfer rights to a grave to another person, as long as the transfer is agreed and recorded by the cemetery officer. You must also have to a pay a fee. For more information, please visit our burials and fees page.

Claiming the right to a grave when a reservee dies  

To arrange a transfer of rights you must provide proof of the reservee’s death, along with proof that you are entitled to claim the rights to the grave.