Register a birth

Registering a stillbirth

We appreciate how difficult registering a stillbirth is for parents and our staff will always treat you and your family with great care.  

How to register a stillbirth 

In the event of a stillbirth, a doctor or midwife will send the certificate to the register office.  We will call you to make arrangements for the registration to be made over the phone.
Every stillbirth in England or Wales must be registered as quickly as possible in the district in which it took place. The funeral can only take place with the permission of the registrar of the district in which it happened. 
If the stillbirth occurred in Scotland or Northern Ireland or any overseas country the registration will have to be made in those countries. 

Certificate for a stillbirth 

The registrar will give you a free small certificate showing the baby's names, date of the stillbirth and district, together with a form to allow the funeral to take place.  If you wish you can also purchase a full certificate which will show the parent’s names as well.