Business support and advice

Advice on starting a business

If you have an idea, and you think you can turn it into a business, we can help. We offer a range of advice to people who want to start a business based in Newham.

Getting started

To get your ideas off the ground, you need to research your market, assess your competitors and start preparing a business plan. G​etting advice and information on the different aspects of running a business is vital to your success.

Our useful guide

We can help you find the advice and information you need to get start your business.

Our business support guide (PDF) will help you to get started by covering aspects such as:

  • How to write your business plan
  • How to organise your finances and manage tax
  • Marketing your business

The list of useful websites and support organisations at the end of the document will also put you in touch with help and advice, whether you are looking to start a business or grow an existing business.

Contact us

You can call us on 020 3373 7373

you can also visit our main webpage here.

Newham Online Business Directory

The Newham Online Business Directory is a free online listing of local businesses.

To join the directory, your business needs to have a base, or run from premises, in Newham. Just complete the application online. Your entry will go live after we have approved your application. If you need to change your entry in the future you can also do this online.

This service is designed to bring more business your way. If you join the directory, you will also receive relevant news and information from us and our partners, and have the chance to attend business event.

Business Directory New Provider Request

Current Business Directory

We have got a range of businesses operating in Newham, you can find the details of many businesses on our Business Directory.

If you would like to request any changes to the business directory or report any submission issues, please email us at OurNewhamBusiness&

View our current Business Directory

Useful websites for business start-ups

You can also find information in the Setting Up section of the Government’s website, which covers areas such as:

  • The different types of business, from being a sole trader, a private limited company, business partnership or social enterprise
  • How to avoid cash-flow problems
  • Business management
  • Employment - taking on members of staff
  • Market research
  • Business training and networking events
  • Developing your product and ways to sell to customers
  • How to register with Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs (HMRC).