Gaming machines licence

If you want gaming machines in your premises you will need a licence or a permit from the council. We can only give licences or permits for some premises and some types of business or organisation.

You cannot have gaming machines in premises which do not have a licence or permit.

Premises need a licence or permit for gaming machines

If you run a bingo hall, betting shop, adult gaming centre or family entertainment centre and you have a gambling premises licence, you can have machines in your premises. The law sets the number and types of machine you can have, so you must follow it.

If you run a club, you may have machines, if you can get a club gaming permit or club machine permit. Again, you can only have the number and types of machine that are legally allowed.

If you have a licence to sell alcohol for drinking on the premises, you may be able to get a gaming machine permit for three or more machines. Or, if you want one or two machines, we may allow this if you send us a special notice. The types of machine we will allow are set by the law.

Information on licences and permits for gaming machines from the Gambling Commission 

How to apply for a licence or permit for gaming machines

For application forms and the fees for the different types of licence and permit, contact our Licensing Team on 020 8430 2000 or email