Premises alcohol and entertainment licence

Club premises certificate

If you run a premises such as working men’s club or social club, which provides any activity that needs a licence to members or guests of the club, then you need a club premises certificate.

When you apply for a certificate we give the responsible authorities and anyone with an interest in the application 28 days to comment on your application.

If issues are raised against your application, our Licensing Committee or Licensing Sub-Committee will hold a hearing to decide your application.

If we refuse your application you can appeal our decision by contacting Thames Magistrates' Court at the address above. You need to do this within 21 days of the decision.

Applying for a club premises certificate

To apply for a club premises certificate you will need the following information: 

Contact us for an official notice to say that you are applying for a club premises certificate. We print the notice on blue paper for you, and you must then display it outside the premises.