16 years old

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Sex and relationships advice

Sexual health services are available in Newham to adults and young people.

It is important that young people learn and about sex and relationships as they grow up so they are able to stay safe.

Read about the sexual health services available in Newham, including help in getting contraception, abortions and general advice and guidance.

Newham also has a sexual health service called Shine. It is available for all young people under 25. You can find out more and contact them here.

If you are in an abusive or a violent relationship, or if you experience rape or sexual assault, it is important that you get help. Newham Council has a range of services offering support with sexual health and relationships.

National guidance on getting help for people experiencing domestic abuse.

Find information about Newham’s domestic abuse services and how to reach them.

Newham Council provides resources and help related to rape and sexual assault.
Child benefit ending

Child benefit for many families ends when their child reaches the age of 16.

However, there are some exceptions to this rule. For example, if the child is still in full-time education or training (provided this is not as part of an employment contract) the benefit can continue up to the age of 19.

Find out more about child benefits on the gov.uk website. 

Citizens Advice also provides a lot of support around child benefit.

National Citizenship Service

All 16-year-olds and 17-year-olds can take part in the National Citizenship Service (NCS).

It has a wide range of enrichment and activities programmes to help young people have positive experiences that improve confidence and develop skills.

Find out more on the National Citizenship Service (NCS) website.

Volunteering is a great way to meet people, develop skills and support your community, whether a young person is in their higher education, work or an apprenticeship.

Find out more about some volunteering opportunities in Newham.
Access to apprenticeships

One of the options available to young people once they are 16 is to complete an apprenticeship. Find out more about these and how to apply here.

Our Newham Work provides a lot of resources around applying for apprenticeships, as well as opportunities for apprenticeships in Newham. 

Our Newham Work website.

Support to access employment opportunities

A lot of great employment opportunities are available in Newham.

Support is available to help connect young people with these.

You can get this support through the Our Newham Work team.

Our Newham Work website.

Youth Empowerment Fund

The Youth Empowerment Fund is a grant to support young people in achieving their ambitions.

It provides financial assistance to help them buy the resources, training or equipment required to learn and develop skills in the things they are passionate about.

Find out more about the Youth Empowerment Fund.


HeadStart is for 10-16 year olds living in Newham who would benefit from additional support to improve their emotional wellbeing and mental health. 

Find out about more about HeadStart and what HeadStart offers.

School Health Service

Our school health service aims to support children and young people from five to 19 years and their families, to enable them to reach their full potential.

We offer information and support in the following areas; emotional health and well-being, managing complex and additional health needs, monitoring growth and development and support with growing up and preparing to become an adult. 

Find out more about School Health Service


Keep your child's growth charts and health records from the NHS with you wherever you are.

eRedbook stores information about immunisations, health reviews and screening tests securely in the cloud so they are always at hand. 

Access your child's NHS health records quickly and easily through eRedbook once your child's record is connected to the NHS.

If you are worried about your child’s development, please speak to your Health Visitor or GP.

Find out more about the eRedbook

Register to vote

At 16, you can register to vote via www.gov.uk/register-to-vote You will need your national insurance number, this can be found on your NI card, employee payslip or correspondence from HMRC.

Find out more about voting on our How to Vote page.

Newham youth map

Search the Newham Youth Map for libraries, sports and physical activities, parks and outdoor spaces, youth organisations and event Newham. Created by Young People for Young People.

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