Support across school ages

On this page, you can find information on support available across school ages.

Factor More information
Advice on keeping safe online

As young people grow up, they will inevitably start to use the internet and engage with the online world.

However, it is important they are able to remain safe while they do this.

The Newham Community Safety Partnership provides links to a lot of resources to help young people stay safe online here.

A big part of this is staying safe from online radicalisation.

The Prevent service exists to support young people to avoid this. You can find out more and contact them here.
Sports opportunities

Taking part in sport is a great way for young people to stay healthy, build their confidence and have fun.

activeNewham provides many opportunities for school-age children and families to get involved in sports activity.

Find the right sport for your family and get involved here.
Music making and drama opportunities

A lot of young people in Newham enjoy making music as well as doing drama and dance.

Young people benefit greatly from their experiences of taking part.

Opportunities to do this in Newham include at: Newham Music, East London Dance and Stratford East.
Learning to ride a bicycle

Riding a bicycle is a great way to keep fit and get around.

Your child will receive cycling training at school. You can also book cycle training sessions for your child and your whole family at any time here.
Road safety training

Learning to be safe around roads is an essential skill for your child to keep them safe as they grow up, especially as now they are attending school

A lot of this you can teach your child yourself and there are a lot of resources and information out there to help you. Find out more here.
Youth Empowerment Fund

Newham now has a Youth Empowerment Fund. This is financial support available to young people to support them to fulfil their dreams and ambitions.

The fund is available to young people aged nine to 25.

Find out more and how to apply here.
Access Holiday Activities and Food (HAF) programme

Newham’s Holiday Activities and Food Programme is available to all young people aged from five to 16.

It provides young people with interactive and fun activities and nutritious food during the school holidays.

Find out more about the programme and how to apply for your child to participate here.

Out of School Services such as breakfast clubs, after school clubs or holiday provision


Out of school services are for school-age children to play and learn and have fun.

You can find out more and apply for these here. If you need help with the costs this might entail, this link explains the financial support for childcare costs available to families.
Access after-school childminders

Childminders are available in Newham if you need childcare outside of school hours.

Find out more about these services here

You can also access directories of childminders and other services here, so you can find the right one for you.
Receive free schools meals, if eligible

Your child might be eligible to receive free school meals throughout their time at school.

You can check their eligibility and apply here.
Support if child is bullied

Once they start school, if you think your child is being bullied by other pupils you should speak to the school.

Each school investigates and tackles bullying and will be able to help you to support your child and stop the bullying.

Find out what actions schools take and access more resources here.

Newham’s service Headstart also offers lots of support to help young people stay emotionally healthy, including if they are being bullied.
Maintains good level of school attendance

Maintaining a 100 percent or at least high attendance record is vital to ensure your child’s academic and personal development.

School is the place where young people learn and grow, an amazing opportunity. Making sure they don’t miss this is important.

Find out more about school attendance, support available to you and potential consequences of low school attendance here.

If your child is not allowed to go to school for a fixed period or permanently you can find out about exclusions and the circumstances in which these are given here.

If you are worried your child might be at risk of exclusion, firstly contact their school to discuss things.

You can also access support services such as Headstart, which can support your child with their emotional health and help them to behave in school.

Accessing travel assistance if eligible

Travelling to school can sometimes be expensive.

Support is available for families for whom this expense becomes a burden.

Find out more here.
Youth Empowerment Fund

The Youth Empowerment Fund is a grant to support young people in achieving their ambitions.

It provides financial assistance to help them buy the resources, training or equipment required to learn and develop skills in the things they are passionate about.

Sex and relationships advice

Sexual health services are available to Newham adults and young people.

It is important that young people learn and about sex and relationships as they grow up so they are able to stay safe.

You can read about the sexual health services available in Newham including help to access contraception, abortions and general advice and guidance, here.

Newham also has a sexual health service called Shine specifically for under-25s. You can find out more and contact them here.

A big part of staying safe in relation to sexual health and relationships is being able to get help if you are engaged in an abuse or violent relationship or if you experience rape or sexual assault.

National guidance on getting help for people experiencing domestic abuse can be found here.

You can also find information about Newham’s domestic abuse services and how to access these here. Newham council provides resources and help related to rape and sexual assault here.
Newham youth map

Search the Newham Youth Map for libraries, sports and physical activities, parks and outdoor spaces, youth organisations and event Newham. Created by Young People for Young People.

Newham Youth Map