Newham Food Security Strategy

The challenge – data

Food insecurity is a symptom of poverty; if families don’t have enough money, they will not be able to afford enough food to make up a healthy diet. In Newham:

  • 50% of children living in poverty
  • 32% of children live in food insecurity
  • Over 17,000 children were given food vouchers in Easter holiday 2021

Facts about food insecurity

Covid-19 has further impacted incomes, with many residents furloughed from their jobs and large increases in the number of residents claiming benefits.

Obesity is also more prevalent in areas of deprivation, and we see higher rates of obesity in Newham when compared to London overall.

Tackling childhood obesity is a priority for us, as we know how essential good health is and the knock on effects that poor health has across so many aspects of our lives. Through the 50 Steps to a Healthier Newham strategy, we have committed to supporting children and families to maintain a healthy weight (Step 11) and to reduce the impact of diabetes and obesity through targeted support to those most at risk (Step 17). Progress in tackling food security will help to improve the number of residents maintaining a healthy weight.

Which of the 50 Steps does the food strategy support?

Which of the 50 steps does this strategy support