Newham Food Security Strategy

Newham’s response

There isn’t one solution that will solve food insecurity, we need to address all the layers that affect how someone can access food.

Targeted interventions

  • Environments supporting food security: residents have access to a range of healthy, affordable food within their neighbourhood;
  • Settings supporting food security: food provided in early years and education settings is fresh, healthy and appealing and promotes a good relationship with food. It also means when families are in crisis they know how to access emergency food  parcels in dignified, non-judgement and respectful settings;
  • Support for individuals and families: residents will have access to individual support for their circumstances, including support for health and wellbeing, employment and money advice. There is a clear, easy way to access these services so residents only need to ask for help once

There are a range of activities already in place that support residents across different age groups –see what’s happening here [can you hyperlink to section 7: Projects taking place]

The priorities for this year are:

  1. All residents can access affordable, healthy food in a dignified and sustainable way
  2. Children are fed and ready to learn through early years and education settings promoting food security
  3. Residents are supported to maximise their income and access good work so families have the resources to provide a healthy balanced diet
  4. Our neighbourhoods and high streets make it easy and affordable to residents to make healthy food choices

Progress on these priorities will be reported into the Health and Wellbeing Board.