Getting ready for school

It is our aim in Newham to ensure every child has the best start in life to enable them to meet their full potential. One of these aims is to help make your child’s transition into school as smooth as possible by working together to achieve this. 

As your child starts to get ready for school, it is important you start to support them in activities they will need to do for themselves when at school, this may seem like a mission impossible but with guidance and support this mission truly is possible. By you supporting and encouraging your child with these independent skills they will be able to start school relaxed, happy and ready to learn, Take a look at our short clip for just a few of these skills that are required when starting school.

Attending a nursery/early years setting is beneficial as this will help them to start to gain some of the independent skills they require for the transition to school and make this much easier. If you haven’t yet applied for the free early years education your three year old is entitled to click on the link for guidance on how to claim and apply for this. 

Keep a look out for the ‘ready for school’ information sessions advertised in your local child health clinics, libraries, nurseries and children centres around the borough, where help and advice will be on offer.