Lists and registers

On this page you can find out where you can get information that we have a legal duty to hold in registers. You can also find out about other lists and registers of our services.

Asset registers and information asset register

An analysis of assets is included in our annual statement of accounts

These website pages on the publication scheme are used as the information asset register.

Disclosure logs

The disclosure logs  are lists of requests and responses under the Freedom of Information Act 2000.

Highways, licensing, planning, commons and footpaths

Lists and registers about highways, licensing, planning, commons and footpaths.

Highways and footpaths


Search for licences and licensing applications by keyword, application reference, postcode or by single line of an address. Please Note, the word ‘licence’ references a variety of authorisations including notices, permits, registrations, certificates and consents issued by the Authority. 


You can search for planning applications through our planning portal.

Public registers and registers held as public records

You can find information on how to search the public registers and public records for:

  • Births
  • Marriages
  • Death

Register of councillors’ financial and other interests

You can find each councillors’ register of interests by clicking on their name. 

Register of gifts and hospitality

You can find each councillors’ register of gifts and hospitalities by clicking on their name. 

Register of electors

Find out how and when you can inspect the electoral register.