Annual accounts

Public Inspection Notice 

Please find below the Council’s Draft Statement of Accounts for 2020-21 and guidance on the process for public inspection.

Residents and members of the public are encouraged to review and may request for any further details in relation to information included within the draft accounts in line with the guidance attached.

Public Inspection Notice (PDF)

2020 - 21 Statement of Accounts

Draft Statement of Accounts 2020-21 (PDF)

Previous years’ accounts


Statement of Accounts 2019-20 (PDF)


Statement of Accounts 2018-19 (PDF)


Statement of Accounts 2017-18 (PDF)


Statement of Accounts 2016-17 (PDF)

Question the accounts

If you think that we have spent money unlawfully, you can send Notice of an Objection to the auditor.

National Audit Commission advice on how to question council accounts 

If you have any comments on the Statement of accounts, then please email the Chief Accountant at: [email protected]