How to pay your council tax

Pay through your bank

Set up a monthly direct debit for your council tax

If you would like to pay your council tax in instalments, you can set up a monthly direct debit that will take the money on the same day each month, directly from your bank. This could be done over 10 instalments from April to January, or in 12 payments from April to March. You can set up a direct debit quickly and easily online.

Set up a direct debit

Set up a monthly standing order with your bank

You can set up a standing order to pay your council tax on the same date each month. You will need to arrange this with your bank. You may be able to do this online. You can download a standing order form which will give you all the details you need to set this up with your bank.

Download standing order form (DOC)

Pay at your bank branch

You can pay your council tax at your bank branch using your bank's payment slips (you may be charged by your bank for this service). Don't forget to write your eight or nine digit council tax account number on your payment slip.