Pension fund

Our pension fund is part of the local government pension scheme (LGPS). It is governed by the LGPS regulations and is open to all local government employees.

The accounts for our pension fund are separate from the council’s accounts and are not included in the council's revenue account, balance sheet or other statements.​​

We are the administering authority of the fund and we are responsible for its proper management. You can find out how we fund, invest in, manage and administer our pension fund by reading our individual strategy and policy documents below.

Pension Fund Annual reports

Draft Pension Fund Annual Report 2022 (PDF)

Pension Fund Annual Report 2021 (PDF)

Pension Fund Annual Report 2020 (PDF)

Pension Fund Annual Report 2019​​ (PDF)

Pension Fund Annual Report 2018​​ (PDF) 

Funding, Investment and Governance Statements and Policies

Fund Administration

The administration of the Local Government Pension Scheme, is carried out by Local Pensions Partnership Administration (LPPA) is the administrator they are members first point of contact for queries regarding your benefits.

The Local Pensions Partnership Administration website has lots of useful information regarding the scheme, news and FAQs. 

Please see the LPPA contact us page for enquiry details.

Fund Management, Administration Statements and Policies

Local Pension Board

The Pensions Board oversees the administration of the Newham Pension Fund on behalf of the Administrating Authority. The Pensions Board is supported by officers, an Independent Chair, and by assurance statements and information provided by external service providers to the London Borough of Newham Pension Fund.

Local Pension Board, terms of reference, minutes and agenda’s

For the latest Pension Board Annual Report and Business Plan please see below

Newham Local Pension Board Annual Report 2022-23 (DOCX)

Newham Local Pension Board Business Plan 2023-24 (DOCX)