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Consultation on a proposal to change the age range from three to eleven to nought to eleven

This paper sets out the proposal to add a new provision for children aged nought to three years old.

This will be a partly funded early years’ provision for children aged two, and a day care provision for children aged nine months and above at Star Primary School.

It is written for parents, carers, governors, staff, pupils and other people who have an interest in the school and in the proposal.

The Local Authority (LA) will consider your views and responses before taking the proposal forward.

Background information

Star Primary School is a three-form entry maintained community school providing primary education. 

The school currently offers a 15-hour and 30-hour provision for children aged three and above.

The School is intending to extend and develop the ‘School House’ into a new day care provision to allow the addition of children aged three and under. 

The setting will be attached to School, however have its own entrance, parking spaces and outdoor environment.

A change to the age range requires a statutory process as detailed in Department for Education statutory guidance “Making significant changes (prescribed alterations) to maintained schools”, October 2018.

The Proposal

The proposal is to offer a maximum 30 full time places, following the completion of the works. The Schools Governing Body has given its support to this proposal to widen the age range of the school.

Sufficiency and standards

The school is based in the ward of Canning Town North.  According to Newham’s childcare sufficiency assessment 2019 this ward has a higher than average need for two-year-old places to meet the needs of local families. In addition to this, there is a need for Day care provision for local working families, and staff in the education sector. The ward is expected to see an increase in chid population over the next ten years.

The Consultation Process

Initial consultation with governors has taken place and they fully support the Proposal. An initial consultation with Parents was conducted in September 2020 by Star Primary School. This included sending a message via parent mail detailing the planned development and seeking input/ and interest from the school community.

A Public Notice will be published in the Newham Recorder on Wednesday 21st of October 2020.

The formal consultation process that is now being undertaken involves the following steps:

  • Publication of Public Notice followed by a four week consultation period.
  • Seek the views of parents, carers, governors, staff, pupils and other people who have an interest in the school and in the proposal.
  • Take a report to Senior Officers within the Council to formally decide whether to proceed with the expansion.

How can I make my views known?

We would like to receive your comments in writing including your name, signature and address by Tuesday 17th of November 2020.

To whom should I send my comments?

Please send e-mail responses to [email protected].

Written responses can be sent to:

Richard Soane
Service Planning Manager
Best Start in Life Team
First Floor East
Newham Dockside
1000 Dockside Road
London E16 2QU

Should you wish to discuss the proposals directly please call 020 3373 9601.