Emergency care arrangements

Carers Emergency Card Scheme

BSL Support

This scheme allows carers to prepare alternative support arrangements for the person that they care for. To be used when they are not able to carry out their caring responsibilities due to an emergency.

All carers can join the Carers Emergency Card Scheme.

Once a carer joins the scheme, they are given a card which has a registration number and a telephone number that can be called in an emergency situation.

The carer carries the card at all times so that it can be used as an instant source of identification in case of accident or sudden illness.

This free service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

In an emergency situation, the card can be used by:

  • The carer
  • Emergency services
  • A member of the public.

Once the telephone number is called, the call centre uses the registration number to easily access your pre-arranged emergency plan and put it into action.

The organisation managing the scheme will call the relevant emergency contact/s or agency already supporting the person being cared for.

Emergency support for the person(s) cared for by the carer will then be put into place.

Short-term emergency support will be arranged with a provider agency if:

  • An agency is not currently involved in supporting the person being cared for
  • The relevant emergency contact is not available.

The support offered will be the same support that the carer would have offered.

At the time of joining the scheme the carer can provide two additional people (emergency contacts) that have agreed to provide support to the person being cared for if, due to an emergency, the carer is unable to provide the usual support.

The system is completely confidential, and no personal details are shown on the card.

It gives peace of mind to carers because they know there is a plan in place in case they are not able to offer support to the person they care for due to an emergency.