End of life care

Digital Assets and Legacy

People are spending an increasing amount of time online. This has led to a range of benefits and changed the way many complete everyday tasks (e.g. online banking and shopping) and how we interact with others via email, text, social media. 

Are your loved ones aware of the different online accounts you have and how to access them in the event of your death?

Do you have photos or videos stored on an electronic device(s), in the cloud or on your social media accounts that you would like others to be able to access (or still run) after you die?

Have you thought about what is ‘out there’ that may be accessed if you have an unusual death?

The Digital Legacy Association provides information about how to protect and pass on your digital assets and legacy.

For more information visit Digital Legacy Association.


MyWishes is a free to use platform that enables people to document their wishes, download and share them with both their loved ones and anyone involved in their care and support.

You can create an Advance Statement and Will - documenting what you would like to happen to both your physical and digital estate; develop a bucket list and leave ‘goodbye messages’ assigned to specific dates and times in the future.

For more information visit MyWishes.