Paying for non-residential care


BSL Support

We will not charge you for non-residential care that is subject to a financial assessment if you are:

  • Diagnosed as suffering with any form of Creuzfeldt Jacob Disease (CJD)
  • Getting services provided under the Carers and Disabled Act 2000, including accommodation and care to people you care for while you take a Carers Break. We will charge for any temporary accommodation and care not in support of a carers break
  • Subject to Section 117 of the Mental Health Act 1983 where non-residential services are part of your after care.
  • In the first six weeks of a reablement or intermediate care service
  • Getting NHS continuing healthcare, living in your own home where the NHS is responsible for meeting all nursing and personal care needs.

There are also exemptions under the under the children (Leaving Care) Act 2000.

This applies if you are a young person aged 16 and up to 21 years and have been looked after, accommodated or fostered by a council after your 16th birthday and are:

  • In need of advice and befriending
  • Getting family credit
  • Getting disability working allowance or
  • Getting income based jobseekers allowance
  • Exempt under the Children Act 1989 Section 24A (6).