Paying for residential and nursing home care

Third party top-ups

BSL Support

A third party top-up is when your relative or friend enters into an agreement to pay the difference between what the home costs and the amount that is paid by the council. Usually they would pay the home this amount directly.

How this works

The top-up:

  • Must be affordable and reasonable
  • Cannot be paid from your capital or income.

In some circumstances:

  • You may be able to meet the costs of a top-up from the value of a property which is in your name. In order to qualify you will be required to enter a Deferred Payment Agreement
  • You will be contacted by the Financial Assessment & Charging Team to discuss this information.

What happens next?

If we feel that the top up cannot be afforded in the long-term, then we will not agree to you moving into the care home.

If your friend/relative stops paying the top up it will be necessary to move you to another care home within our agreed rates which can meet your needs.

Very rarely, charities or benevolent societies may help you with any shortfall, but this will depend on your meeting their conditions for help and they having the resources.

Whoever agrees to pay the top-up will have to continue making their payments or you could be asked to move to different care home.

Top-up payments are made direct to the care home by someone else and are completely separate to your weekly contribution.