Support with daily living activities

Shopping and errands

BSL Support

If you find shopping difficult due to mobility or other reasons, you can try the following ideas.

Help from friends or family members

Consider asking a friend or family member for help. Often people can pick up your shopping when they are doing their own shopping or run your errands when they are out and about.

Online shopping

You can also do your shopping online with a supermarket and other retailers. Some supermarkets offer a telephone shopping service. They will deliver your shopping direct to your door, for a small fee.

A family member, friend or someone else can also arrange an online delivery for you.

Local retailers

Some local shops will also deliver to your home but you would need to check with them to find out if they can do this.

Using accessible transport 

You can use accessible transport to take you to the post office, bank or shops. This includes the Taxi-card and Dial-a-ride schemes.