Dropped kerbs

Cars parked in front gardens can detract from the character and appearance of the borough. Parking in front gardens can lead to a loss of green space and visual amenity and create risk and inconvenience for pedestrians and other street users.

The council will consider any applications for a new dropped crossing on a case by case basis, however it is unlikely to allow the creation of additional ‘vehicle crossovers’ across pavements and the creation of hard standing areas for vehicles in front of buildings, unless there are exceptional circumstances as to why this should happen. 

We do not allow dropped kerbs to be built because: 

  • Removing gardens to create parking spaces is bad for the appearance of the street 
  • They can cause problems for pedestrians 
  • If the garden is small some vehicles may be partly parked on the pavement 
  • They reduce the amount of street parking. 

Note, planning permission to pave over your front garden for vehicles only covers your private land. It does not give you permission to build a dropped kerb. 

Each application is assessed on a case by case basis for which there is currently a £250 non-refundable fee applied.  

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