Home modernisation

Applying for permission to do home improvements

Step 1

You should write to us at:

Technical Group – Property Services

London Borough of Newham

Bridge Road Depot

Abbey Road

E15 1LX.

We will reply asking for some standard information which may include:

  • A full description of the type of work
  • Scale drawings of existing layout and proposed layout
  • A structural engineer’s report if you want to remove walls or do more ‘building’ work.

If we reject your proposed work, we will write to you to explain the reasons.

Step 2

If we are considering allowing the work we will need:

  • A copy of your planning permission
  • Copies of your building regulation approval
  • Proof that your contents insurance policy includes third party liability
  • Details of the contractor who will do the work, and proof of their public liability insurance
  • Original copies of the Certification for Gas and electrical contractors.

A Gas Safe Registered installer must always carry out gas work.

  • a copy of an up-to-date asbestos survey by an HSE-approved contractor.
  • a copy of Party Notice
  • written confirmation that you will agree to the terms and conditions of the approval.

Step 3

Once we have received all the documents we need and we have checked your tenancy or lease to make sure that the work does not breach the conditions, we will make a decision and write to you to tell you.

If we grant permission, we may add conditions, such as allowing us to inspect the work.

If we refuse permission to do the work we will write to you to explain the reasons.

Building control or planning approval does not mean you have permission to make the alterations. You must not start work until you have the written authority from the Technical Group – Property Services.