Inheriting your tenancy

Not succeeding to the tenancy

If you live at the property but do not succeed to the tenancy, you will have to move out and find your own accommodation.

Discretionary tenancy policy

On a very limited number of occasions we will offer a tenancy to an applicant or household under our discretionary tenancy policy.

You will be considered for re-housing if you:

  • Are named on the tenancy agreement
  • Have always lived with the tenant
  • Have no other housing alternative

You will also need to be one of the following:

  • Identified as vulnerable (as defined by homelessness legislation)
  • A parent to dependent children and a move will cause hardship
  • Someone who has been living with the deceased tenant continuously for 20 years or more and will  face hardship in securing alternative accommodation.

If you meet the criteria and your current home meets your needs, you will be offered the tenancy of this property.

While we consider your tenancy

You must pay charges for living at the property while we consider your application for a discretionary tenancy. If you do not make payments and fall into arrears we will end our assessment.

If you do not qualify for a tenancy, or fall into arrears, you will need to leave the property as soon as possible. Our customer service centres will give you advice and help you to take the next steps.

If you do not move out within a reasonable time, we will start legal action to take back the property.