Inheriting your tenancy

Applying for a succession

Your housing officer will tell you whether you have the right to succession. They will ask you to complete a Request for succession application form and tell you what evidence you will need to provide.

This may include documents that prove your relationship to the deceased and the length of time you have lived at the property.

The officer will contact other organisations and agencies, and teams within the council to confirm any of the information you have given. This may include the Department of Work and Pensions (DWP) and our Council Tax and Benefits Team.

We may also ask you for more information or to attend an interview.

Following the loss of a family member we understand this may be a very distressing time for you. However the checks we make and the questions we ask are necessary for us to make the right decision about the tenancy. The case may be put on hold if you do not attend interviews if requested or send us the information we need.

Succeeding to the tenancy

If your application to succeed is successful we will write to you to confirm your tenancy. We will also arrange to discuss with you your tenancy terms and conditions and give you your rent account number.

Your tenancy will be backdated to the date immediately after the tenant’s death.

Moving to a smaller property

If you are the spouse or civil partner of the deceased tenant you will be allowed to stay at the property.

However, if you are another family member you will need to move to a smaller property if the property has more bedrooms than you need. Your housing officer will tell you this when your request to succeed is approved.

When deciding your housing need, we will not be able to consider other people, including children, who may visit or stay temporarily at the property.

If you have to move, we will offer you a home that meets your needs. We will take into account the areas where you would prefer to live.

Moving out of an adapted property

We will also need you to move if you are living in a home that is accessible or adapted for a disabled person and there is no longer somebody in the household that needs this type of accommodation.

Refusing an offer of an alternative property

With there being such a demand for housing in Newham, most applicants understand why we need to move them to a smaller property.

However, if you refuse our offer of a suitable home we will start legal action and apply for a possession hearing at the county court.