Leaseholders’ information and advice

Paying your service charge

You must quote your payment reference number when making payments. You can pay your service charge in the following ways:

Direct debit and standing order

This is our preferred and suggested method. Once set up, your payments will be collected automatically. It avoids queuing, and unnecessary paperwork.

Set up a direct debit

You can download and complete a standing order form and take it to your bank.

Pay online

You can check your balance and make payments to your rent account online.

Pay online

Pay by phone

You can pay over the phone using a debit or credit card by telephoning our Customer Service Centre on 020 8430 2000. Follow the automated instructions selecting leaseholder services from the list of options. You will need to have your service charge reference number to hand.

If you’re unable to pay

The standard Newham lease states that the service charges invoice, whether estimated or actual must be paid in full on receipt. However, we know that for many leaseholders this is unrealistic. To help with payment, all resident leaseholders have the facility to pay their estimated service charge invoice over ten equal monthly instalments from April to January, and to pay the actual service charge invoice in five equal monthly instalments from November to March.

Please note that if you do not maintain these instalment plans, the agreement will be cancelled and we will expect you to make the payment in full.

You may be eligible for benefits to help with paying your service charge and other bills.