Plans for building more council homes in Newham

New home design standards

We have asked Newground Architects to design these homes to meet national and London-wide housing design requirements, as well as our own ambitious Housing Design Standards. 

Newground has therefore designed: 

  • Comfortable, practical and good-looking homes 
  • A large number of family homes with three or more bedrooms 
  • Accessible homes, adaptable for older people and disabilities 
  • Spacious and well-proportioned rooms 
  • Separate eat-in kitchens and living rooms, where appropriate 
  • Large windows 
  • Rooms that can be furnished in a variety of different ways 
  • Patios and balconies for all homes. 

The homes will: 

  • Replace redundant spaces where anti-social behaviour can take place 
  • Respect the light, views and privacy of neighbouring homes 
  • Overlook the street, to improve security and to reduce crime 
  • Enhance their streets and existing pedestrian paths. 

Our low energy design approach will: 

  • Design highly insulated homes carefully constructed to reduce drafts and not to overheat. 
  • Hold builders to higher standards through strict energy use targets. 
  • Incorporate renewable energy wherever possible. 
  • Support residents to look after their new home through training. 
  • Aim for high building standards - going beyond minimum requirements. 

For all enquiries, please contact Warren Myles, Development Manager, [email protected]