A borough like no other

We are one of the fastest growing, young, and diverse boroughs in the country. We have over 351,000 people living in Newham. We are the third fastest growing borough in London. Over seven in ten residents are from Black, Asian, and ethnically diverse communities.

We are at the heart of a new inclusive economy. Our economy is becoming the place to work and invest. We are home to international districts like Royal Docks and Stratford. Stratford has also become the busiest station in the UK. These has helped us have the third highest rate of jobs growth in London.

However, we have deep rooted inequalities. A quarter of our neighbourhoods are the most deprived in the UK. After housing costs, almost half of our residents live in poverty. The cost of living emergency will disproportionately hit our residents.

We are taking action and have mobilised a cost of living emergency response to mobilise our networks of voluntary organisations, businesses and stakeholders to get help to those in need. We are tackling inequalities by working with partners to expand enterprise zones and with businesses to increase the number becoming London Living Wage employers.

Alongside, we are unlocking the housing market with Newham set to become the largest builder of genuinely affordable housing in London. With landmark regeneration underway including Custom House, Canning Town and at the Carpenter’s Estate, we are delivering new standards in resident led, housing development at scale.  

A dynamic, innovation Council delivering an ambitious Building a Fairer Newham agenda

Over the past four years, the London Borough of Newham has been on a path to transform how services are delivered to residents. The next four years will now accelerate on the progress made under the corporate plan Building a Fairer Newham.

The plan has eight priorities:

  1. A healthier Newham and ageing well
  2. Newham’s inclusive economy to support you in these hard times
  3. Your neighbourhood
  4. Safer Newham
  5. Homes for our residents
  6. Supporting our young people
  7. People powered Newham and widening participation
  8. A campaigning Council

Building a Fairer Newham provides the clear direction of travel for an organisation determined to radically improve the opportunities available to residents, and to deliver on the potential of the borough, residents and the Council as a whole.  To find out more about the organisation and its structure, visit here.