Empty Properties

There are many reasons why you might have a property that is empty, maybe you are in between tenants, waiting for grant of probate, planning permission or an insurance claim to be processed or you are trying to sell it.

However, if you have an empty property that is not caught up in one of these processes Newham Council want to help you make best use of your property.

An empty property is a lost opportunity for you and a lost opportunity to provide a home for a family.

Empty properties cost you financially in lost income, increased council tax bills and potentially in dealing with various forms of anti-social behaviour like:

  • vandalism
  • fly tipping
  • pest problems
  • squatters
  • unauthorised entry
  • tampering with electricity
  • ghost landlords taking over the property

Many empty properties become an eyesore in the community and affect the way a neighbourhood looks and may even start to impact your neighbours financially too.