Local history and archives

Facilities available at the Archive and Local Studies centre

Help and advice 

We can advise you on the records we hold, and which may be the most useful for your research.  


You can photocopy certain items with permission from the staff, and where copying will no damage or degrade the original. You can see the cost of all our copying services below.  

Type of copy 

Colour and size 



Black and white A4 

Black and white A3 

25p each 

40p each 

Microfilm and microfiche 

Black and white A4 

30p each 

Camera or digital device capture 


£5 per booked session 

You can find copies of photographs and other images for private use at www.newhamphotos.com  

We can also provide digital scans for other purposes, including for use in publications, for film or television or use online.   

Free wifi and internet use 

We provide free access to the Find my past family history website and free wifi for your own digital devices.