Business parking permits

Charity business parking permits

If you are a Newham based charity, you may be able to apply for a permit to use a vehicle for visits across the borough.

This permit allows you to park in permit holder only bays and shared use bays within any residential and industrial parking zone.

The cost of a Charity Business Permit will be linked to the vehicles engine emissions or vehicle engine size if emission data is not available.



emissions (g/km)

Engine Size (c.c.) 

(Only for vehicles registered pre-2001)

Charity Business Emission Tier

Permit period and charge

A - C

0 - 75

0 - 1100

Tier 1

3 months - free

6 months - free

12 months - free

D - I

76 - 170

1101 - 1850

Tier 2

3 months - £80

6 months - £160

12 months - £300

J - K

171 - 225

1851 - 2500

Tier 3

3 months - £100

6 months - £200

12 months - £375

L - M

226 +


Tier 4

3 months - £130

6 months - £260

12 months - £460

If you are unsure which tier your vehicle falls in please refer to the vehicle log book (VQ5) which will contain this information.

To be eligible for a charity business permit you must need your vehicle to travel in and around Newham for the purposes of your employment. You are not eligible if the permit is being used to commute to your place of work. Please ensure that all uploaded documents clearly show your name, vehicle registration number and employer’s details

Before you begin your application, you will need:

  • A letter from the charity on headed paper and dated within 3 months which includes your name and vehicle registration number. This letter must state the charities registration certificate which confirms their charitable status. 
  • The letter from the charity must confirm why the vehicle is needed for business purposes. The letter must also confirm that your vehicle insurance covers you  for business use
  • Proof of address for the business - an official lease agreement in the business name or current national non-domestic rate demand or a bank statement dated within three months or utility bill dated within three months. Hand written documents will not be accepted
  • If the vehicle is a company vehicle you will need UK Vehicle Registration Document (V5C or logbook) or lease/hire agreement; or letter from your employer on headed paper dated within the last three months that confirms your employment, name, address and vehicle registration. Hand written documents will not be accepted

Please note: when renewing your permit you must select a start date for your new permit to begin. The MiPermit Newham system will default to today’s date on the application page. Please ensure this is updated if you require your permit to start from a later date. You will only be able to renew your permit up to four weeks in advance.

Apply for a charity permit