Carer and care home parking permits

Care home parking permit

If your care home is based in a residential parking zone and you require additional on-street parking for visitors you can apply for a care home parking permit.

Care Home permits can be used on different vehicles, however the vehicle can only be parked in the zone shown on your permit.

Permits issued to care homes are not valid if displayed in a vehicle which exceeds 2.3m in height and/or 5.3m in length. It is the responsibility of the care home provider to ensure that vehicles displaying their Care Home permit(s) do not exceed these dimensions. If a vehicle displaying a care home permit does exceed these dimensions it can be enforced against.

As the permit can be switched between vehicles these permits will remain paper based. Once the permit application has been approved the permit will be posted by recorded delivery within 2 working days from the application approval date. 

Please contact the Council if you have not received your Care Home permit within 5 working days of being notified that your application has been approved. Notifying the Council of a non-received permit after the 5 working day deadline may result in a new application having to be made and another payment may also be required. 

The Care Home permit is free of charge for 12 months and there will be no emissions based charge applied to these permits.

Only Registered Care Homes are eligible for a Care Home Permit, your application must be supported by a Business Rate/Utility Bill/Letter from the Care Home on headed paper confirming the requirement for care home permit.

Care home permits are intended for use by visitors to the care home. These permits must be handed back to the care home after each visit.

Failure to display a valid permit or have an active virtual permit or blue badge will be subject to a penalty charge notice being issued and possible further enforcement action being taken such as removal of the vehicle to the Councils car pound. 

When renewing your permit you must select a start date for your new permit to begin. The MiPermit Newham system will default to today’s date on the application page. Please ensure this is updated if you require your permit to start from a later date. You will only be able to renew your permit up to four weeks in advance.

You will be required to provide the following documents:

  • A Business Rate/Utility Bill/Letter from the Care Home on headed paper confirming the requirement for care home permit.

Apply for a care home permit