Planning enforcement

Report unauthorised development

If you think someone is developing land in Newham without our permission, you can report it online. 

Report a possible planning breach

You can also contact us by email at

Information you will need to provide when reporting a breach: 

  • The address of the property or land in question – without this we may not be able to investigate 
  • Details of what you think is wrong 
  • Your name and contact details 
  • Any other information, such as photos. 

Confidentiality in planning investigations 

When we investigate we will not give out your details at any time during the investigation. Unfortunately you cannot report a breach anonymously, except in very special circumstances. If you are concerned about giving your details, or have a reason not to, please speak to us first.  

If the case is serious it may lead to a court case or an appeal, so we may ask you to be a witness. We will only ask you if we think your evidence is crucial to our case. This is rare, and normally it is up to you whether you want to be a witness or not.