Planning permission

Design review and pre-application advice

Pre-application advice service 

If you think you need permission, you can use our pre-application advice service to help you prepare your application and ensure the best chance of success. For householders, we offer written advice free of charge.    

Local design guidance

Your proposal must take into consideration local, regional and national design guidance.  

Newham has specific design guidance for small scale householder developments and the Woodgrange Road and Durham Road Conservation Areas. You can find out more on our local design guidance page.

Newham’s Design Review Panel 

The Newham Design Review Panel helps to improve the quality of buildings and places through the planning process, by reviewing significant development proposals across the borough. ​

It is made up of 35 independent experts in the design of the built environment, including architects, landscape architects, urban designers and sustainability experts. 

​For more information about the Design Review Panel, including panel members, please refer to the Newham Design Review Panel Terms of Reference below. 

Newham Design Review Panel Terms of Reference (PDF)​


There is a fee for making a presentation to the Design Review Panel which is paid by the applicant. 

Current fees are set out in our pre-application service guidance note and charging schedule (PDF)

Newham Design Review Panel