Planning policy and the Local Plan

How we monitor the Local Plan

We continually monitor how the Local Plan is working, through community feedback, the developments permitted and regeneration of areas of the borough. We use a variety of sources to help inform any changes that might be made to the Local Plan.  

We produce a series of Authority Monitoring Reports (AMRs) that document: 

  • Outputs such as how many homes of what type, and size were granted permission and built, or how much and where, commercial floorspace has been developed in a year 
  • Outcomes which include changes to people’s health, employment status or satisfaction with the area 
  • Contextual data including population growth and related changes like the number of school-aged children 

Monitoring allows us to assess whether:    

  • We are delivering what we said we would through planning – such as homes and jobs 
  • Any policies need changing to help make sure we are delivering on our vision 
  • Policies and strategy are aligned with the latest issues affecting the borough. 

This data used is published as soon as it is available. AMR bulletins are produced on a variety of topics. Those published up to and including 2017/18 followed the Monitoring Framework set out in the 2012 Core Strategy. Any more recent AMR bulletins will follow the monitoring indicators embedded within each policy of the Newham Local Plan 2018. 

AMR Bulletins: 

Housing Delivery Test Action plan 

Along with the monitoring undertaken through AMR bulletins, under the Government's recently introduced Housing Delivery Test (HDT) we are required to prepare an 'Action Plan' document, assessing the causes of historic housing delivery levels and identifying actions to increase delivery in future years. 

Read our response to the Housing Delivery Test and associated Action Plan (PDF) 

Read our Housing Delivery Test Action Plan Update (August 2020) (PDF)

Read our Housing Delivery Test Action Plan (June 2024) (PDF)