Planning policy and the Local Plan

London City Airport Main Constraints

The London City Airport Constraints comprises safeguarding, full use noise contours and public safety zones.  

You can see where these are relevant and in force on the layers of this interactive map 


The Aerodrome Safeguarding Map for London City Airport was published by the Civil Aviation Authority in October 2004. It shows how different parts of Newham are affected and indicates when proposals for development above specified heights should be referred to London City Airport for comment.  

The Airport states that ‘birds are the greatest threat to aircraft at any aerodrome.’ In certain circumstances therefore, Airport operational requirements may restrict some biodiversity interventions in order to discourage bird attractants and minimise bird strikes.  

While it has no formal planning status, the Airport has issued guidance on this topic, which should be considered as a starting point for discussions around how relevant LBN Local Plan Policies (SC3 and SC4 in particular) should be implemented in relevant areas.  

View Safeguarding Map

Please note that:  

  • Restrictions on biodiversity do not mean that measures to promote biodiversity cannot be incorporated into a development scheme 
  • In relation to development plan policies and our assessment of planning applications, the Airport guidance carries no ‘weight’.  

Read the guidance on the London City Airport website

Full Use Noise Contours 

London City Airport is expanding in accordance with current planning permissions. The number of flights is forecast to increase and noise levels within the vicinity of the Airport are forecast to increase as a result. 
The interactive map   shows forecast noise levels in terms of Decibel Contours to inform applicants for planning permission in those areas that the design of buildings and open spaces should include appropriate measures to mitigate the forecast noise levels.  

Public Safety Zones 

Development within the designated Public Safety Zones is extremely restricted. Guidance on what type of development might be acceptable or unacceptable in principle can  on the Government website in Circular 1/2010: Control of Development in Airport Public Safety Zones.

Annual Performance Report 2021 

Further information on the Airport can be found in the 2021 Annual Performance Report, on the London City Airport website: 

London City Airport website.