Emergency plans and advice

Failure of utilities

Sudden and prolonged disruption to your electricity, gas or water supply can cause risks to your health and personal safety. Find out what to if your utilities supplies are interrupted.

Risks of a utilities failure

  • You may have difficulty staying warm or cool without enough power
  • Using generators, portable stoves, heaters and air conditioning units can increase your risk of carbon monoxide poisoning
  • Your risk of getting food poisoning or other infections may increase with a lack of mains water and/or power. Food preparation and storage becomes difficult without water or electricity.

Information during utilities disruptions

Your electricity, gas or water supplier should keep you informed about disruptions to your supply.

Utilities suppliers have contingency plans to deal with the risks associated with prolonged disruptions.

Emergency utilities contacts

In the event of an electricity cut, interruption to the water supply or a gas supply failure, you should telephone your supplier directly.

National Gas Emergency Service - 0800 111 999

UK Power Networks, London (power cut) - 0800 316 3105

Thames Water (loss of water supply) - 0845 9200 800

See if there is a power cut in your area on the UK Power Networks live Power Cut Map

Find out about planned repairs and improvements in your area from Thames Water.

Report a problem with water supply or sewerage to Thames Water.