Health and safety at work

Who should report

If you’re an employer or in control of a premises

If you are an employer, you must report any work-related deaths, injuries, cases of disease, or near misses involving your employees wherever they are working.

If you are in control of premises, you must report any work-related deaths and injuries to members of the public and self-employed people on your premises, and near miss incidents that happen on your premises.

If you’re self-employed

If you are working in someone else's premises and suffer either a major injury or an over-seven-day injury, then the person in control of the premises will be responsible for reporting, so, where possible, you should make sure they know about it.

If there is a reportable accident while you are working on your own premises, or if a doctor tells you that you have a work-related disease or condition, then you need to report it.

If you are an employee

If you are an employee and you have been injured at work, seen a dangerous incident, or your doctor has certified that you have a work-related reportable disease, you must tell your employer or the person in control of the premises as it is their responsibility to report the incident.

If they don’t report the incident, you can make a complaint and we or the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) can investigate.

If you’re a gas supplier or gas fitter

If you are a distributer, filler, importer or supplier of flammable gas and you learn that someone has died or suffered a major injury in connection with the gas you distributed, filled, imported or supplied, then you must report it immediately.

If you are a GasSafe registered installer of gas appliances, you must report any gas appliances or fittings that you consider to be so dangerous that people could die or suffer a major injury, because the fitting could result in a gas leak or explosion.

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