Newham High Streets Programme


The council’s recent Community Wealth Building and ‘Towards a Better Newham’ Covid-19 Recovery strategies place high streets at the heart of creating an inclusive economy that supports the health and wellbeing of the people of Newham. 

The Newham High Streets programme launched in 2020, aiming to develop strategic delivery plans for our high streets, based on evidence and participation. The emergence of the Covid-19 pandemic highlighted even more the need to create an action plan for high streets to help them develop into 15-minute neighbourhoods, where residents can access all social, cultural, civic, and economic essentials.

Phase 1 Report

In September 2020, we launched Phase 1 of the programme, which included the areas of Forest Gate, Manor Park, Little Ilford, and Green Street.

The Newham High Streets Report Phase 1 Report (PDF)  was published in Summer 2021 and includes high street appraisals and co-designed delivery plans for each of the four areas.

You can also look directly only at your high street’s strategic plan:

Forest Gate (PDF)

Green Street (PDF) 

Manor Park (PDF)

Little Ilford (PDF)

The report includes:

  • Understanding the context around our high streets, policy & the pandemic
  • Overview of the programme, its approach & objectives
  • The Strategic Delivery Plans for the high streets of Phase 1

The community co-design process of Phase 1 included:

  • In Summer 2020, we undertook extensive research & evaluation of the high streets
  • From September to November 2020, we ran a survey that received 500 responses
  • From October to December 2020, we hosted 4 online meetings, with over 100 attendees
  • From February to March 2021, we facilitated an online forum on the Newham Co-Create platform, where over 470 people discussed different project ideas

Delivering the Phase 1 Project Recommendations

The majority of project recommendations in the Phase 1 Report were ideas that had no funding for delivery. Following publication of the Strategic Delivery Plans Council officers worked to develop the ideas in the Plans and secure funding to deliver the projects. This included submitting a successful bid to the Government’s Levelling Up Fund.

One year after the publication of the Phase 1 Report, the majority of the project recommendations have funding and Council officers are now working to deliver projects. Details about the progress being made to deliver the projects that were the most popular with local communities can be found in the tracking document for each area:

Forest Gate – Project Delivery Tracker: Summer 2022 (PDF)

Green Street – Project Delivery Tracker: Summer 2022 (PDF)

Manor Park – Project Delivery Tracker: Summer 2022 (PDF)

Little Ilford – Project Delivery Tracker: Summer 2022 (PDF)