Shape Newham projects in Forest Gate

The Guide Posts

Location: Romford Road (corner of Romford Rd & Upton Lane), Forest Gate.

Designer: Office S&M

Status: In progress

Project Description:

The Guide Posts are located at the crossroad of Romford Road and Upton Lane where historically there used to be a guide post for directing people through Forest Gate.

This artwork reinterprets the historical connection between the North and South of Forest Gate, indicating the train station to the North while also encouraging people to explore SoRo (South of the Romford Road). Facing East, a set of muscles point in the direction of the gym where Arnold Schwarzenegger trained during his time living in Forest Gate; while a loaf of bread symbolises the Hovis bakery hidden to the West on Chaucer Road.

Current View:

Guide posts current view

Proposed View:

Guide posts proposed view