Bulky household waste collections

Terms and conditions for bulky waste collection

  1. By making a booking for a bulky waste collection, residents, Landlords and Managing Agents are giving authorisation to Newham Council (LBN) to collect corresponding items from their property.
  2. A charge of £25 applies for each booked bulky waste collection by residents on or after 1 October 2020. This charge is payable online by credit or debit card.
  3. Landlords or Managing Agents: A Charge of £25 applies for each booked bulky waste collection for Landlords or Managing Agents with a further £10 charge per item booked for collection. This charge is payable online by credit or debit card.
  4. The charge is non-refundable and the request for collection cannot be amended.
  5. Bulky waste items must be presented within the boundary of the property in an external location within 10m of an accessible carriageway.
  6. Bulky waste within estate/flat properties will need to be placed in the bin room or bin area clearly marked with an ENQ number (if no enq number is present then classed as a fly-tip).
  7. Bulky waste items should be presented for collection as soon as a collection has been booked, but not before.
  8. Any access points and entry requirements must be highlighted in your booking form.
  9. Ensure items that are listed to be wrapped/tied/special conditions for collection are adhered to.
  10. Any dismantled items to be tied together and presented neatly.
  11. If items are not presented in time for the booked collection, a new collection booking will need to be made and an additional charge of £25 will be made by residents.
  12. Landlords and Managing Agents: £25 will be made by Landlords and Managing Agents with a £10 charge per item to be collected If items are not presented in time for the booked collection.
  13. If items are removed from the property by the resident, Landlord, Managing Agent or a third party prior to LBN undertaking the collection, there will be no refund of the charge provided.
  14. A bulky waste collection can consist of up to six items. There is no reduction in the charge for booking fewer than six items for a collection.
  15. Additional waste items cannot be added to a bulky waste collection after it has been booked.  Residents, Landlords or Managing Agents needing to have more items collected must book and pay for an additional collection.
  16. You may not have more than one bulky waste collection outstanding at any time.
  17. LBN aims to make all booked collections within five working days.
  18. In circumstances outside of Newham’s control the bulky waste service may be suspended or collections may take more than five working days.
  19. Bookings for bulky waste collections will only be taken online relating to household waste generated in and presented at the address booked.
  20. Residents, Landlords and Managing Agents must ensure that items booked for a bulky waste collection are kept separate from any other items on their property. LBN accepts no responsibility for the removal of non-waste items placed on or amongst bulky waste items awaiting a booked collection.
  21. Missed bulky waste collection to be reported within 5 working days