Bulky household waste collections

How the service works

  • If you’re a Newham resident you can have your bulky waste collected for £22
  • If you’re a Landlord or Managing Agent you can have bulky waste collected from a property for £22 with an additional cost of £10 per item.
  • We’ll take up to six items per collection. If you have more than 6 items you will need to book a second collection.
  • We aim to collect your items in five working days. 
  • We may collect your items at different times using different vehicles, for example fridges and upholstered furniture are collected separately to enable us to dispose of them correctly.

When to put your items out for collection

  • Put your bulky items in your front garden as soon as you’ve booked your collection with the reference number. We may collect them straight away.
  • Please read the terms and conditions before you make your booking. You are liable to lose your £22 payment if your bulky waste is not out in time, or removed by a third party.

  • Please don’t put your items out before you have booked a collection.

You must have a valid reference number before you put rubbish anywhere in your front garden other than in the bin. If you don't, you could receive a £100 penalty fine. Find out more about how we enforce rubbish in front gardens.

If you don’t have a front garden, leave bulky items for a booked collection next to your rubbish bin, ensuring that you’re not blocking any paths or pavements.

If you live in a block of flats, ask your caretaker or housing manager about where to leave bulky items for a booked collection.

If the area where you can leave the items is not obvious or immediately accessible, please fill in the Contact Us form with your booking reference to give us special instructions

Make sure the items can be clearly seen and we can remove them safely.